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Quick Fixes for Mood

Feeling a little tired? Sluggish? Stagnant? First, we need to talk about what’s causing this shift in mood. This article is not for people who feel chronic fatigue (that might be another issue). What we are really talking about here is when you usually have fairly good energy but sometimes notice a drop in energy somewhere in the middle of the day. Let’s talk about why this might be happening.  People sometimes feel a shift in energy in the middle of the day as the result of:

  • High or low blood sugar. Both high blood sugar and low blood sugar can cause fatigue.
  • Abnormal cortisol levels. Most people start out the day with high levels and those levels slowly taper off throughout the day.
  • Stress. If you are burdened by work or worry, it’s easy to start to feel the need to shut down to conserve energy.
  • Caffeine or stimulant crash. If you had a big coffee in the morning, you may notice sluggishness several hours later.

The good news is, it’s easy to quickly shift out of these states! First though, you must recognize that you are in a sluggish state. Some people aren’t aware because they have simply grown accustomed to feeling this way. Next, here are some quick adjustments you can do for yourself to get out of feeling that way. Some may take one minute; some may take five minutes. Some may shift you in a way that you don’t recognize at first, but you will feel slightly lifted for hours afterwards. And you may want to combine two or more techniques if it feels like one wasn’t enough.

  1. Shift your Breathing
  • Try 3 minutes of Deep breathing
  • Energetic breath, or holotropic breathing
  • Breath of fire: This breathwork originates from the Kundalini yoga tradition. The breath is meant to conjure up prana in the body. In through the nose and out through the nose, sort of like you are blowing out a candle. Have a look at this video for instructions.

2.   Neti pot. Cleanses the sinuses and energetic third eye area for better brain function. The third eye is the energetic point which we know from anatomy is the frontal cortex of the brain where a lot of our higher brain process are. Try a neti pot if you’ve never done one before. You may notice some serious mental clarity. 

3. Blue Green algae. Blue corresponds energetically to the head area. Taking some blue green algae, spirulina or even wheat grass can enliven your senses and help you feel more mentally clear. 

4. Make a fresh juice. Any kind! The enzymes in fresh juice are stimulating to the gut. We know there is a very profound gut-brain connection and if our gut flora is healthy, we feel better. 

5. Five Minutes of exercise

  • Take a brisk walk
  • Jump on the trampoline
  • Weight lift
  • Five minutes of jumping jacks
  1. Green Tea Drinking green tea has been used for centuries to quickly purify the mind and senses for better brain functioning. Drinking green tea is similar to coffee in that they both have caffeine but green tea is special because it elevates the mood more naturally. Steep 1 or 2 organic green tea bags in hot water. Cover and steep 2 minutes. Toss out the bag after 2 minutes. Green tea is rich in tannins and if it steeps for too long the tea with taste astringent and slightly bitter from too many tannins.  

When you are in a sluggish energy pattern, recognize it and then choose something to help you quickly move out of that pattern. Anything you can do to get the blood or the energy moving in your body will quickly allow you to move on and feel better. 


Dr. Allison Merkey  


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