Optimize your Microbiome

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       The microbiome of your gut (mostly small and large intestines) have a significant impact on your overall health. 


       There are actually more bacterial cells in the gut then there are human cells in the entire body!


       Some examples of bacterial species in the gut are : lactobacillus, e.coli and bacteroides. 


The function of the gut microbiota is to keep your immune system strong. 

There are many ways to increase the overall health and function of these very important immune regulators. 


Some tips to increasing the quality of bacteria living in your gut:

  • Increase FIBER! Gut bacteria thrive on indigestable fiber. Think salads, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, seed, nuts and anything with crunch. See my Candy Salad recipe!
  • Include fermented foods in  your diet: tofu, kombucha and kimchee all contain healthy probiotic species. 
  • When in doubt, take a probiotic! Probiotics can be used to “seed” the gut but ultimately we want to be eating the foods that feed these guys. The expensive oral probiotics can only go so far if you aren’t feeding them right. Look for a refrigerated probiotic supplement that contains at least 5 billion CFU’s.  

Pay attention to your GUT. Take care of it the way you would take care of a garden. Feed it well and it will help you live a long and healthy life! 


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